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Willkommen bei "All That Korean"
Talk about anything Korean here - food, music, culture, people, places and much more!
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Von SShin1822, am 11.10.2014 06:59:00
hi nice to meet you
Hi guys,I am a new member of this group.Nice to meet you. I'm Korean and of couse I like my country.^^ You can ask everything to me about Korea.
Von lcahyani3, am 08.08.2015 09:09:52
RE: hi nice to meet you
hello :) nice to meet u. i hope we'll be a good friends rightt. i love kpop , i love shinee , and also i love KOREA. i hope one day i'll be there. Im from Indonesia, Bali :)
Von yribeiro43, am 10.08.2015 19:48:38
RE: hi nice to meet you
hello, I'm from Brazil, but last year I meet someone who love kpop and kdramas, and so do I. but I´d like to know more about Korea. so if you are willing to respond, I will ask many questions.