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Von JHuang11118, am 01.07.2010 23:33:19
New member-Me


     I'm Jessica.I'm Chinese.I love China.

     I'm an outgoing girl.

     I like singing,travelling,watching TV  ang so on.

     I'd like to make friends with anyone of you,especially foreign friends.

   Come and talk with me.

   Waiting for you!

Von hruan139, am 28.08.2010 20:35:24
RE: New member-Me
Hi,Jessica.My name is Helen. l am a 14-year-old girl. l live in Shanghai. l like singing,too.l can play the piano. l want to be your friend.
Von acure7, am 11.06.2011 11:19:27
Re: New member-Me

Hi Jessica .Thses is anni .Nice to see you .

Von xying362, am 09.07.2011 07:54:26
RE: New member-Me
hi jessica,i'm casanova ,from shanxi,nice to see you
Von jtang3504, am 10.07.2011 10:48:39
RE: New member-Me
Hi,Jessica~ I'm Roam. I live in Shanghai. Nice to see you~
Von KKathleen8, am 28.07.2011 05:40:22
RE: New member-Me
Hello~I am also a Chinese girl who loves her country very very much.Glad to meet you,let's improve our English together!
Von DDaisy208, am 28.07.2011 08:33:59
RE: RE: New member-Me
hi ,i am also a chinese girl. i live in nanjing . nice to meet u .let's improve our english
Von aghaffari9, am 29.07.2011 16:15:23
Hi every body .I'm Ali from Iran.I'm not Chinese but really love China.most people are kind and hospitable in China.I'm interested in your culture too.
Von sqin702, am 22.08.2011 09:59:07
RE: New member-Me
Hi my name is Sarah and I'd like to make some friends on this site too.
Von CChision, am 04.05.2013 03:42:19
RE: hi
Well,i was very hppy when i see you interested in our chinese culture.In fact,i want to know about Iran culture,i think it's very interested.
Von bbetter61, am 05.05.2013 23:02:06
RE: New member-Me
hi,jessica,i'm davice,nice to me you.i'm live in wuhan.wellcome to chat with you.
Von cWang16027, am 18.07.2013 22:52:39
RE: New member-Me
hi,jessica. i'm catto. i'm chinese. i'm in shanghai.
Von cboudja, am 23.07.2013 09:20:27
RE: New member-Me
HI I M HIER ADD ME if you want
Von ACosta4238, am 11.05.2014 01:28:05
RE: New member-Me
Hello! my name is Alan Ricardo, I'm brazilian. I want pratictis my english... my skype: alanricardo8
Von ACosta4238, am 11.05.2014 01:29:26
RE: New member-Me
Hello, nice to meet you. I'm brazilian, my skpe: alanricardo
Von LAHMAD117, am 23.05.2014 14:18:04
RE: New member-Me
hello every one.... my english is not god... soo i'm learning hare any one hare talk to with me then i'm improve my English
Von LAHMAD117, am 23.05.2014 14:19:14
RE: hi
hi sara can i talk to with you
Von bbernie31, am 17.05.2015 09:54:56
RE: New member-Me
hi nice to meet you .I have just come in for a week.
Von wjinhaic, am 19.05.2015 21:45:49
RE: New member-Me
Hi, Jessica. I'm Caesares and also like traveling. Glad to meet you.