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Soll die Diskussion Algeria wirklich gelöscht werden?
Von jhe5438, am 09.07.2015 11:40:48

Anyone, How are you? I'm planning to Algeria on October. Do you know on where are good to visit it? Thank you so much.

Von ereynoso91, am 09.07.2015 11:48:45
RE: Algeria
Von asaadi69, am 09.07.2015 17:10:33
RE: Algeria
algeria is à big country, if you like visit thé beachs with natur you can went to; alger boumerdes _djidjel_telemcen_mustaghanem_cherchel if you like visit the sahara you can visite; tamenrasset_ boussaada_tassili_hogar_sour el ghozlane_ghardaia
Von jhe5438, am 14.07.2015 14:24:36
RE: RE: Algeria
Asaadi69,Thank you so much for your information .
Von FLast20515, am 29.08.2015 16:52:44
RE: RE: RE: Algeria
M'y country
Von jhe5438, am 29.08.2015 20:23:44
RE: RE: RE: RE: Algeria
Thank you for your tell me that. Do you know about your country? Where are the places good to visit it?
Von FLast20515, am 30.08.2015 11:00:10
RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Algeria
Welcom... I live here but ididn't visited all places hère hhh...but there is some famous place like tipaza a beautiful archaeological area...and also tlmcene and jijl